About Us

For over twenty years, Micro-World Inc., has supplied brand name IT products to government and industry. In 1992, Micro-World Inc, introduced a new division....MicroWorld Imports to assist large and small retailers with stocking their shelves with quality merchandise.  Since that time, hundreds of retailers have taken advantage of the best quality goods at the best wholesale prices.  MicroWorld Imports, an importer, distributor and manufacturer, ships thousands of cases each week from our warehouses in the US.


* MicroWorld Imports hold a large volume of stock

* MicroWorld Imports can ship your orders directly to your individal stores.

* Looking for a specific item?  Our knowledgabe staff stands ready to assist you with direct


* Our EDI capability allow us to work seamlessly with companies with stringent EDI require-


* Call or email us today!  We look forward to assisting you!




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MicroWorld Imports
414 Alaska Ave.
Torrance, CA  90503
Phone : 310.533.1177
Fax     : 310.533.0501

email  : info@micro-world.com